List it. Love it. Buy it.

The House to Home Group was co-founded by Lindsey North and Jodie Bow in 2018. Together, they have a combined 10+ years of real estate knowledge and have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of families in the Tri-County area with their real estate needs. Nicole Skrzypczak and Ashleigh Thomas later joined the team to help provide additional services to their clients as well.
We’re doing more than just selling houses, we’re helping you bring your dream home to life.

House To Home Group
House To Home Group

Jodie was exactly what we were looking for in a realtor. She was efficient and quick to reply to emails and calls. She got us leads tailored to what we were looking for. There was not a single time I found a house on the market that she had not already sent us. I was amazed at how she was able to  get us showings, usually the same day as the listing went up. She was very patient, it took us a year to find what we were looking for. Every step of the way she took care of our needs and made the process as smooth as possible.

- Mike